Silly Shenanigans

The past two weeks we've spent learning about Ireland, St. Patty's Day, and there might have been a bit of shenanigans going on in our classroom.  But really, what's new?

Last week we read a cute story called Green Shamrocks. Rabbit lost his pot of shamrocks and went looking until he found them at his friend Goat's house. We love to partner read the story, as well as working together on responding to what we've read.

We also talked about character traits.  Your kiddos came up with some great traits. 
 We spent a little time reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover.
Here are a few sweet friends, feeding the old lady.  
Since everyone loves to taste the rainbow, I thought a Skittles Science experiment might be fun.  Each student put one Skittle in a bowl of water and we observed. 
Check out what happens to the S. They were pretty excited. And.... this is why I love first grade! An S floating in a bowl of sugary water, totally makes their day.  
And then we met a leprechaun. Well, we didn't meet him, but he did pay us a visit.  He stole our pot of gold and left us clues. We went on a hunt for that tricky guy.  You can see below what he did to our room.

 We also spent some time making words with leprechaun.  There are a ton of words you can make with leprechaun.  Who knew? 

And finally, if that wasn't enough craziness, we had our beach party.  I love my little beach buddies. They had a blast. 

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  1. Thanks for the post. It looks like everyone had fun!