Read Across America Week

I think I took about 4,650 photos this week, so hold on. Here comes picture overload of all of our fun this week. I tried to only post about 1/3 of them. Hope you enjoy! 
Our directed drawings.
 Susan Levine, the author of Harriet's Homecoming. 
Teaching the students how books are made.
A Falcon like the character Harriet.
 Sharing the illustrations for her book and how they were made.
Dr. Anderson reading to the first grade.
Eating birthday cookies for Dr. Seuss and playing a Dr. Seuss math game.
 Our Class on Dr. Seuss' birthday
 Wacky First Grade Teachers on Wacky Wednesday
Our Wacky Class!

 We read Yertle the Turtle and then saw how high we could stack our turtles. We were able to stack 17.

 Making Oobleck. Is it a solid or a liquid? It's still a mystery.

We read the Lorax, discussed the theme or message of the story and made Truffala trees. 

 Your little chefs making Green Eggs and Ham.

A little egg shell never hurt anyone. :) 

 Now on to another fun week of Leprechaun Shenanigans and lots of learning. 

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