100th Day and Grammar Police

I'm so excited to share the fun we had this week.  Our 100th Day was a success and I'm so thankful for all our help to make this day exciting.  
Playing Race to 100

We had balloons everywhere! Students who were making great choices got to try to pop a balloon, inside there was a 100th Day Challenge! Here are a few friends trying to pop a balloon.

Some of the challenges we had were to do the twist for 100 seconds, do 100 jumping jacks and march in place for 100 seconds. 
All students also received a cookie. Then we wrote about why they were smart cookies after 100 Days. Just look at those cute cookies. 

The story we read this week was about a wolf and a chicken who had 100 chicks. I hid 100 chicks around our room and the students went on a hunt.  After, we put the chicks in groups of 10 and counted to 100.
At the end of the day, students counted 10 groups of 10 to make their 100th Day Snack.  

In addition to the 100th Day, we are also preparing for editing and revising in writing.  To kick off our editing we did a lesson called the Grammar Police.  It was such a fun lesson and we even had the chance to include our 4th grade buddy class.  

The lesson began with a news report video stating the crimes that had taken place.  I then addressed my officers about the expectations and shared line-up photos of the suspects. 
Then students were told to find the suspects and take a good look at their sentences. The first graders not only had to issue citations for the mistakes made, but also correct the sentences.  Fourth graders needed to check the sentences and make sure the first grade police officers made all the necessary corrections. They then took the sentences to the judge (Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Bose and Ms. Rook).  If their sentence was correct, the fourth grader was set free. If the sentence was still not correct, the fourth grader was sent to jail.  

 Issuing citations! 
Chief Oakes and one of her officers. 

 Our Police Officers

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